Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer with the Grandkids

It's summertime in Minnesota, which means it's time to get outside and have some fun!

Four grandkids in the pool.

More fun in the pool.

Alethia doing crafts.

Hayley and Collin doing crafts.

Judah and Hayley decorating their rocks. (Love Judah's "Woody" hat!)

Alethia and her new Barbie dollhouse. (It's taller than she is!)

Four grandkids playing withe new dollhouse.

Collin and his new cousin, Lael.

Hayley and Lael.

Alethia pulling Hayley in her new wagon.

Playing in Kristi's front yard.

A serious conversation.

At the "fire station" park.

Alethia on the horse.

Hayley goes for a ride.

Collin goes for a ride.

Judah playing in the sand.

Mike and Collin sharing a joke.

Judah, just hanging around.

Judah the rock climber.

Chasing geese.

The geese hunters!

By the pond. 

Collin, Alethia, and Judah.

Collin pushing Mike on the swing.

Swinging with Alethia.

Judah and Collin.

Collin on the swing.

Hayley on the fire pole.

Alethia swinging.

Everybody's swinging!

Alethia climbs the rock wall.

Hayley climbs the rock wall.


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