Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cousins Playing

All of our grandkids like to play together. It's always a fun time when Alethia, Judah, and baby Lael join Collin and Hayley for some fun.

Sherry and Lael. Nice hat!

Collin and Lael.

Hayley and Alethia play dress up.

Collin is a good babysitter for Lael.

Nice face, Lael.

Princess Hayley.

Princess Alethia.

Grandma reads to the grandkids.

It's makeup time. Hayley does the honors for Alethia.

Hayley makes up Judah.

Hayley makes up Collin.

Alethia makes up Hayley. 

Hayley and Judah.

Collin and Alethia play with Lael.

Lael and Mike.

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